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” Mayberry: By The Season “



By Dave Millard, Writer & Co-Founder of A Dollar and a Quarter Club

New Philadelphia/Dover  Ohio

April 2017

Convicts At Large was originally aired on 12-10-62 on the CBS Television Network as an episode of The Andy Griffith Show.  It was without a doubt one of the top notch episodes of the series.

Barney & Floyd had spent the day fishing.  Andy hears a radio announcement of 3 women convicts who have escaped from state prison.  When Barney & Floyd run out of gas, they set out on foot looking for a place to borrow some gas.  They come upon O’Malley’s cabin & they are taken prisoner by the 3 women convicts, who are using the place as a hideout. One of the cons takes Floyd into town to get some supplies & they are met by Andy, who becomes suspicious & follows them to the cabin. Then through a very funny idea of dancing, they lady convicts are re-captured.  In the epilogue Floyd manages to merit the sole credit for the capture.

Don Knotts & Howard McNear shine in this episode as Deputy Barney Fife & Floyd Lawson, the town barber.  Not only were their lines funny, but the mannerisms they used just made you laugh.  The supporting cast was also top notch.  The women convicts played by character actresses Reta Shaw, Jane Dulo & Jean Carson mastered their characters.  The storyline was well plotted & the rustic scenes at the cabin as well as the street scenes in town just added to the authenticity of the episode.

As far as criticism goes, I have none.  The cast hit their marks in every scene & made this a joy to watch.  TV series writers today need to sit down & watch this episode so they can see real comedy in action, something we are not really seeing in todays episodic TV.  At least, THATS MY OPINION!


If you have an opinion feel free to share it with me or e-mail me at dmillard@twc.com. They next review will be in June & we will look at ” Barney Buys A Car.”
















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